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Reddog Guide Service is your Maine state guiding service to the Mid Coast & Central Maine area for Fishing and Hunting.  Reddog Guide Service specializes in Bass and Pike fishing on Maine’s lakes and streams including Upland Hunting over Vizsla, Labrador Retrievers (Labs) and German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP).

About Us

Reddog Guide Service is owned and operated by Maine Registered Guide Casey Mowers. Casey was born in Pennsylvania and joined the Navy in 1989. He obtained orders to Maine in 1996 fell in love with the area and retired in Brunswick, Maine. Casey started hunting at age 12 with his family in Pennsylvania. While stationed in Maine, Casey took advantage of the bountiful hunting opportunities for deer, turkey and upland birds.  He later expanded to hunting the excellent duck and geese the area has to offer.

After retiring from the U. S. Navy, Casey found time for his love of the outdoors. In 2013 he received his Hunting, Fishing and Recreation Guide License. His captain’s license will soon be added.

Casey fished in tournaments around the state on different bodies of water and now offers guided fishing trips in the area.  Casey truly enjoys hunting and fishing and likes to teach people about the sport. Casey enjoys showing his clients how to hunt and fish more than doing it himself. That is why he chose to become a Maine hunting and fishing guide. He also enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of the history of the great state of Maine.

Casey began hunting with his dogs a number of years ago. While hunting with his Vizsla, Casey discovered that he could train his dog better by planting birds for him to find. This helped the dog learn to point and not flush like his Lab brother. Casey and family began incubating eggs and raising various game birds in order to have them available for training hunting dogs. He will help you train your dogs to become better hunters. Occasionally, Lab, Vizsla and GSP puppies are available for sale.

Let Casey show you why he fell in love with Maine.


Casey truly loves what he is doing. He got started just trying to find a way to train his personal hunting dogs better. From that humble beginning, he has built a great service. That love of the sport is clearly evident every time I have hunted with him, and that energy is just fun to be around. He has an intimate knowledge of the area that he uses to put you on great hunting. He also guides fishing trips and will help you train your dog.

Hunter H

Get to know hunting and fishing guide Casey Mowers


Casey knows Maine fishing. That may sound like a bold statement, but its not. I swear you could drop this man on any lake in Maine and he could be catching fish within 30 minutes. He is a fantastic anglers that is a ton of fun to fish with and learn from. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a great guide.

Tracy C

Guided Turkey Hunts Guided Turkey Hunts

Turkey Hunt – May 4

I was lucky to be gifted with a guided turkey hunt with Casey Mowers of Reddog Guide Services by my husband,
Tom Barks. The excitement of the following day made it impossible to not wake up at 2 a.m. Surprisingly, and happily, I was able to get ready and leave without waking up Tom, the pup or our daughter. I arrived at Casey’s at
3:45 a.m. and the crisp darkness was full of the sounds of peepers.
Our first stop I was so excited and ready to get things going, but as we began to discuss things, Casey noticed red
lights in the distance. Headlamps, and in the exact spot Casey had planned on setting up….What a let down, but
we didn’t have time to waste so we got back in the truck and off we went to another location. Upon arrival Casey
said we were going to need to book it to get set up in time and of course I respond “No problem, I may have short legs but I make up for it with enthusiasm” and we began through the field. Casey eventually slowed us down at a
good spot, but still wanted to ensure he was in the best spot possible. A few more steps and all of a sudden we
heard and saw turkeys spook from the trees….oh no! We quickly backtracked and set up to wait and hope.
As the morning light started to show itself, the birds and bugs began to make their familiar sounds. It reminded me
of sitting in the goose blind, watching and hearing everything wake up with the start of the day. Soon, the same
turkeys we saw spook began to come off their roost one by one with a quiet elegance. After giving them some time,
Casey began to work on them with his calls. Before I knew it up pops the head of a Jake cresting the hill and he begins to work his way to the decoys. Now, Casey and I will tell the following in two different ways with the end result being the same. In my version, I hear him whisper “it’s a Jake” and I, of course, ask “can I shoot it?” (duh!).
He tells me if I wanted to then go for it. I very slowly pulled up my gun and lined up my shot. I took a couple of deep
breaths, pulled the trigger, and down he went! I couldn’t believe it and sat there stunned. Casey then used the calls again and we heard more chattering. He decided the best thing to do was to belly crawl up the hill to see what was going on. We get to the top and carefully look to see a large flock of several hens and Jakes together. I was given the choice of going after another Jake or trying elsewhere for a Tom and no surprise, I decided I’d like to try for a
Tom. We gathered our things, including the stinky Jake (you can ask Casey about that) and made our way back to his truck.
Once we got it tagged, we moved on to looking for a Tom. We didn’t see much and stopped at a few places to see if we got any responses to calls, but again with no luck. The morning was getting late and we decided we’d stop at one last spot. We began walking down a damp dirt road paralleling a field when all of a sudden we heard a loud and close gobble. Next thing we knew a Tom runs across the road in front of us, but it was certainly too far and moving too fast to attempt a shot. We both dropped down to the ground hoping there was another around. Casey began to use his call and we got another close gobble in response. I slowly got up on one knee looking, waiting and hoping. Soon I saw its head, I slowly pulled my gun up and whispered to Casey that I could see it. Casey was staying as low to the ground as possible to avoid being seen by it and said: “if you have the shot, take it because I
can’t see sh*t”. The Tom came out into the road more, I took a deep breath and took my shot. I can’t believe it still,
but I connected! I tagged out in one amazing day!
I am so appreciative of being gifted this experience and to have had Casey to guide and help me on this hunt. I’m so excited for next season and will be trying it on my own. I would highly recommend reaching out to Casey for his services. He’s informative, comfortable to talk to, and I felt he was as invested in my success as I was.

Casey Barks

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